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Summer Exhibition 2010
The Castle Class Trawlers at Milford Haven

   When Milford Haven was a fishing port of national importance, one class of trawlers probably contributed more to its success than any other, the Castle Class trawlers, built in the First World War to combat the menace of the sea mine. Built to a design of the Smith's Dock at Southbank on Tees, over a dozen yards contributed to the fleet of over 200 ships in this class. With the ending of hostilities, the ships were sold off by the Government and over 60 of them would, at one time or other in their careers, work out of Milford Haven.

   This small exhibition lists the ships of the class and those which sail out of the port, their builders and owners. A small selection of photos of the ships is included, together with some photographs taken at sea showing everyday life at work on the fishing grounds. Finally, there are photographs of the only survivor of the class, the PICTON CASTLE, now converted into a three masted sailing ship.

   The hope is that the exhibition would encourage people who either sailed on the ships or had memories of them to come forward and help us to fill in the gaps in our knowledge on what was a major part of the town's history

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Just a few of the ships and the the men who worked on them